Our company Flora Stemcell is looking for Females between 25-45 years old Part-Time or Full-Time SALES AND MARKETING PERSONS IN CALIFORNIA, TURKEY and VIETNAM to sale our Products to Distributors, Spa’s, Cosmetic Stores, Skin Care Specialist, Beauty Salons and Retail Chains.

The Requirements are as follows:

  • Knowledge and experience of Beauty Product Sale.
  • Motivational speaker at visited locations and meetings.
  • Responsible for increasing sales by building a Customer Database using the internet and mass marketing as a sales tool to promote the company and its products.
  • Negotiating contractual agreements between the Customer and Flora Stemcell.
  • Experienced in planning and executing sales and marketing plans.
  • Demonstrating well-developed presentation and negotiation skills.
  • Building and maintaining productive relationships with customers and staff at all levels through email and by Phone.
  • Multi Lingual (such as Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic and Turkish) is a Plus.
  • Good Cut-Commission thru the Sale of the Products.
  • 1099 Independent Status
  • Must have good appearance and a decent looking skin.

For more Information regarding the Position, please contact us at:

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