Flora Stemcell was created by many likeminded professional Beauty Skin Care Specialists in the Silicon Valley-San Jose/California/USA that had the same Goals; committed to providing the highest quality of innovative and affordable luxury skincare products for MAN & WOMAN around the World.

We are present through our Distributor Channels in many Countries including in Europe, MENA & META Region as well as Asia.

The company’s main Goal is to globally distribute high Luxury Products by being a pioneer in cellular anti-aging therapies and cutting edge biotechnology that will revolutionize skincare.

We take this responsibility seriously and we are unwavering in our commitment to provide consumers with meticulously crafted products that meet our high standards.

We strive and create the most luxurious formulations imaginable. It is part of our ongoing quest for ageless beauty and luxury beyond means.

We strongly encourage you to purchase only from Flora Stemcell’s Website or authorized Distributor to ensure you that you always receive authentic, high-quality Flora Stemcell product, so that we can ensure that expert advice is professional communicated thru our Distributors.

We do not offer our products through internet auctions, street vendors or unauthorized online retailers.

We strive and search for the best natural Ingredients around the world that fit the highest standards for the human Beauty and Luxury.

With regards of the Flora Stemcell Team